Minor in Entrepreneurship Application Form (Batch 61)

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Application Window:  12 SEP, MONDAY to 21 NOV, MONDAY 

1. Selected for Professional Attachment/Summer Exchange
2. On Professional Internship in Semester 1
3. On LOA in Semester 1
4. Part-Time Undergraduate or Post-graduate

TERMS & CONDITIONS. I am not allowed to sign up for this MiE Programme should I be on Leave of Absence and/or Internship and/or Summer Exchange and/or is a part-time undergraduate.
My application will be revoked should I choose to proceed otherwise.

Click here to view the schedule for AY22 Semester 1 (Batch 61) before you proceed to complete the application.

Personal Particulars

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Academic Information

Professional Attachment/Internship...
Significant CCA Involvement....
Please select the electives which you have completed.
How did you get to know about Minor in Entrepreneurship?
Why join MiE....

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We will contact you by  28th November, should you be shortlisted.

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