EG9003 Product Development Challenge

Course application form

“EG9003 is a team-based multi-disciplinary project course, delivered in conjunction with Dyson. Each team is required to design and build a product that serves a specific function. They will have a Dyson engineer and an NTU professor serving as mentors. This year the theme for the project is “Technology for the aged” – technologies/products that help in the daily lives of senior citizens.

If you are interested in joining the course, you should submit this form by Wednesday 24 July 2019. Every student should submit one form, and state the names of the team members if any. If you do not have a team already, you can still apply, and we will help you to form a team.”

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Students who have taken MA3179 Product Development Challenge need not apply.

EG9003, Sem 1 2019/2020