Keywords to Describe your Research Interests/Expertise for your Academic Profile

Welcome to this online site where you can select Controlled Keywords and suggest/add User Keywords (optional) to describe your research interests and expertise. The selected keywords will be added to your Academic Profile within 5 working days.

Controlled Keywords: 
To tag the range of research activities in NTU in a consistent manner, we have expanded from the current list of 42 keywords to 100 keywords in 9 broad subject categories. You may select up to 10 keywords to describe your research areas.

User Keywords (optional) on Page 2: 
Besides the Controlled Keywords, this section provides you the flexibility to suggest and add up to 5 additional words.

Below is a list of 100 Controlled Keywords in 9 broad subject categories. You may select up to 10 keywords.

Controlled Keywords: Business
Controlled KeywordsEducation
Controlled Keywords: Engineering and Technology
Controlled Keywords: Healthcare and Medicine 
Controlled Keywords: Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Controlled Keywords: Interdisciplinary
Controlled Keywords: Natural Ecosystems 
Controlled Keywords: Resilient Urbanisation 
Controlled Keywords: Science 

These selected Controlled Keywords will replace the existing keywords in your current Academic Profile. In addition to Controlled Keywords, you may like to suggest new User Keywords or select from the reference list of User Keywords (see page 2).

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